What Does Single Parenting Teach Our Children?

Three days after Christmas I asked myself, “What will I write about this week?” And then, it became perfectly clear after what happened at our home yesterday. More about that in just a minute. Would You Look in a Crystal Ball? First, I want to tell you about the crystal ball.  You know, the fortune-telling object that supposedly […]

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One Way to Let Go at the Holidays

We often talk about family traditions that revolve around our holidays. Traditions, though, are unique for each family. To illustrate, what is sacred for one may be entirely different for another. Furthermore, single parents may take on a very different approach to traditions to manage our well-being, health, and healing.  Old Tradition Before I became a […]

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Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas present with red ornament and ribbon

As promised, here is more of the unexpected surprise, more “light” for your holiday season.   Oh, and yes, for those of you who missed my post called Unexpected Surprise (published December 4th), feel free to read that post first to get the backstory for this one!   What is your favorite version? We are all probably familiar […]

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O Tender Tree

Close up of evergreen with blue berries, snow and ice on it

As my teenage child and I set off to the Christmas Tree Farm this past weekend, I thought to myself how easy this was compared to when I was a single parent and my child was a toddler.  We both knew what we had to accomplish to get ourselves a family Christmas tree! Life today does not […]

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Unexpected Surprise

Woman dancing in ballroom with chandelier

The holidays are officially upon us! Believe it or not, I am already somewhat behind as the season starts. The past couple days, I have been diligently trying to present this post to you in a way that represents what Christmas is truly about in the midst of hardship. For me, the days leading up […]

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