What is Your Purpose?

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Starting my single parenting journey with my newborn and four-year-old was, no doubt, a huge responsibility.  Parenting with two parents in a home is already hard enough. As a two-parent household, imagine taking away one of those parents and what do you have? An insurmountable situation at times. On top of the responsibility of raising my children, I was still reeling from the grief of suddenly losing my husband which resulted in single parenthood for myself and my children.

Children Depend on Us

My newborn and 4-year-old depended on me to pave the way.  

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Therefore, it became very clear what I had to do:

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My purpose was to give my children the best life I could, to the best of my ability.  

Even more, I carried this mission in my heart and mind in all of my daily decision making.  It propelled me through every challenge and uphill battle.  Consequently, I could no longer run from uncomfortable situations. 

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This responsibility of being the sole caretaker hung heavy on my shoulders at times.  Often, I found myself overwhelmed by my role and what was expected of me. 


Seeing their very small faces look to me for guidance was, at times, hard to bear.  As a result, I doubted myself and became my worst enemy.  

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Best Friends

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Meanwhile, a best friend pointed out that I was capable of thriving in my journey. We had grown up with one another since preschool. She said, “Growing up with you as a friend, I always knew you were able to tackle anything that came your way.  You have always been able to do that.”  Interestingly enough, I did not know that about myself.  My best friend knew it though.    

In Reflection

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I can see now that my single parent experience was an opportunity to show myself who I was and what I was capable of.  It taught me how to be a leader and rise above the oppression and vulnerability that I had faced for eight years as a single parent.  Above all, a leader who can speak up and advocate for those less fortunate than me.

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Thankful for friends,

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