Expression of Healing

Multiple raindrops splashing in the lake leaving multiple circular rings. Water is deep purple, lavender and gold.


Removed from the circle of life and standing on the perimeter

I am an observer looking into the circle

I sit at the café table next to the window although I am not really there

I am removed as I watch the numerous people on the sidewalk as they stroll by

Smiles and laughter

Couples holding hands glancing at one another

Conversations, lighthearted, flippant, and carefree

Holding their umbrellas high, keeping themselves dry from the raindrops falling all around

Yet, I am not part of the motion

Profile of sad girl looking down with eyes closed holding coffee cup next to a window with sunlight streaming through.

I am the outsider observing life

Sitting at the cafe table, watching and waiting

Waiting for it to be different

No one knows my pain, no one knows my struggle

I used to be one of them

I am the outsider, watching and observing

Wondering when I will be thrown back into the world that I used to know and be part of

Give me back my life

An elderly man reading newspaper at a cafe table drinking coffee by himself.

But this is my life, observer of life

I am broken, my brokenness allows me to be the observer

To notice the mundane details of life that others think nothing of

The widower sitting alone waiting for someone to notice him

How I would trade places with another just to be back in the game of life

Am I to bear this burden much longer as it has been so long since I have been on the other side?

There is a reason, I am certain

For if there is none then all seems meaningless

I need a reason

Over time it is revealed

I understand now

You need my help for the broken world

White sheer curtains in window with candle on window sill

The widower who comes to the café to fill the empty void at home

Would I have noticed the widower if I had been strolling carefree on the sidewalk?

I reach out to him

I see his tears well up in his eyes

I listen to his story

I am thankful for being the observer of life

Elderly couple walking together

For without it, I would have missed a moment to see, hear, and feel the beauty of mankind

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