Why Help Single Parents

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I saw only one of my child’s basketball games one season because my employer would not grant me time off. As a result, that day propelled me to seek change for a stronger awareness of what single parents are up against.

~Wellness for the Single Parent

I was thrown into a situation without a choice for myself or my children. I learned quickly that single parenting is exceedingly challenging. More concerning is the vulnerability that a single parent is subjected to. Because of your unbalanced circumstance and heavy burden, you are often cornered into a state of oppression.

Profile of a father holding newborn wrapped in blanket with sun light in the background
Unbalanced circumstance and heavy burden are our reality.

Deserves More Recognition

Therefore, it became clear to me that single parenting deserved more recognition and understanding from society.

Well-Being, Health, and Healing

For these reasons, I knew I wanted to help single parents individually and as a community. By doing so, we can restore and maintain well-being, health, and healing for our families.

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Let us help one another!

New Career

Unfortunately, I was not able to help at the time. First, I was raising my two small children on my own. Second, I was back in college working toward a career to support the three of us.  I vowed I would help other single parents when the right time came.

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Help, Support and Inspire Single Parents

Today is the day I make my commitment to help, support, and inspire other single parents so they can continue the uphill battle that is often overlooked in our society.

Together, we can become one voice and rise above the oppression that often exists in the employment and public sectors.