O Tender Tree

Close up of evergreen with blue berries, snow and ice on it

As my teenage child and I set off to the Christmas Tree Farm this past weekend, I thought to myself how easy this was compared to when I was a single parent and my child was a toddler.  We both knew what we had to accomplish to get ourselves a family Christmas tree! Life today does not […]

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Enid’s Exercise Equipment

Indoor cycling exercise equipment at a gym

The sacrifices single parents make every day are enormous. We take care of our children with very little time for ourselves. The key to creating time is creativity. One can be creative by accomplishing what one needs in the most simplified fashion. Or, think outside the box. Exercise Releases Stress I love to exercise for […]

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Honorary Medal for the Single Parent

Silver Medal Award that reads WINNER with 5 stars held by a red, white and blue ribbon.

“You deserve an honorary medal for what you have done. You are to be highly commended.” ~Mr. Hill Accept a Compliment This beautiful compliment was given to me when I was a single parent. Mr. Hill had been witness to my life. This compliment was extremely difficult to hear and accept. I did not want […]

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