Seeking Answers for Single Parents

Girl with hat sitting in window in Greece

Today is Saturday. I woke up and realized I wanted to use this day to retreat, reflect, and keep this simple. Partly because this question has been heavy on my heart all week, “How are our single parents going to get through this pandemic?”  It may be that when we no longer know what to […]

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Honorary Medal for the Single Parent

Silver Medal Award that reads WINNER with 5 stars held by a red, white and blue ribbon.

“You deserve an honorary medal for what you have done. You are to be highly commended.” ~Mr. Hill Accept a Compliment This beautiful compliment was given to me when I was a single parent. Mr. Hill had been witness to my life. This compliment was extremely difficult to hear and accept. I did not want […]

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Step-By-Step Guide: Career & Education

What are you going to do to support yourself and your family? A wise mother once told me, “you will pick up the pieces one day at a time.”   My Single Parent Situation: No career to fall back on that could financially support my 4-year-old, my newborn, and myself. The divorce settlement did not provide me […]

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